Den terugblik specializes in old crystal chandeliers, FRENCH CHANDELIERS MARIA THERESIA CHANDELIERS ZAKCHANDELIERS



All our lights are renovated and cleaned by our company, and if needed fitted with new electrical wiring. We have lots of variety to choose from and every week we receive new stock. We also have brocante and curiosa.. All our items come with very affordable prices and are obtainable from our workshop.

WE HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT( info@denterugblik.nl ) IN CASE YOU PAY THROUGH PAYPAL, ADD 4% TO THE TOTAL, THAT IS THE FEE FOR THEM WE MUST PAY. Packing/shipping costs are not included. world wide shipping maximum dimensions 100cm, 50 cm, 50 cm the cost of shipping calculated as per weight Do you have more questions, please send us an e-mail

Unfortunately we are not a shop but you are welcome to make a appointment to visit our workshop.